The following properties are currently for sale in Uruguay. Dozens of additional options are available, and we’ll provide a personalized set of properties based on your parameters of choice. Please indicate your preferred size or investment amount, type of farm, and location preference (if any) by filling the fields in the form at the end of this page. We’ll follow up with complete files provided by the owners, including soil maps, property descriptions, productivity potential, types of uses and asking prices.

Why Uruguay


Uruguay Farms LLC is a one-stop shop advisory firm assisting investors from around the globe in purchasing land in Uruguay.

We help investors understand the different types of farmland investments available (mainly cropland, cattle-grazing land or timberland), the pros and cons of each, and the different investment returns and horizons that each type implies.

We source the most attractive farm options for sale in the market from the main land brokers, and help clients compare them and determine the ones that best suit their investment parameters. We act representing buyers only, without the implied dual interest that brokers representing both sides have.

Once land is purchased, we help clients set up their operations, by either helping hire management staff, providing outsourced farm management services, or finding a tenant to lease the land.

By providing comprehensive advice and support, we enable individual and institutional investors of all sizes -with or without previous farmland operation experience- to enter this increasingly attractive asset class.

We rely on our experienced local agronomists, internationally-versed consultants, and the support of top legal and tax advisors to provide full-circle comprehensive advice and ensure a smooth operation.


Global population is increasing at an accelerating rate, with millions entering the middle classes in emerging markets every year. As a result, global demand for food continues to grow, while available arable land per capita decreases.

Investors of every size are focusing on productive farmland as a key asset class. The attractiveness of agricultural land lies in its non-speculative nature and steady yields, along with the consistent appreciation that it is likely to deliver over time.

Farmland is a non-volatile asset and a store of value. And it is found overseas, allowing investors to geographically diversify their assets. South America holds some of the best farmland in the globe, with Uruguay at the top of the list given its unique combination of openness to foreign investors, transparent market and availability of productive soil.


Farmland investing in Uruguay is one of the most attractive global investment options for the medium and long term. This is due to several factors:

  • The fact that Uruguay is one of the most suitable places in the world for farming, cattle breeding and forestry developments. This is thanks to the country’s climate, non-degraded soil and water availability.

  • Uruguay's record on protecting foreign investment, its solid legal system, and its stability.

  • The ease for a non-farmer to invest in farmland, given the country’s widespread technical expertise, infrastructure and farm management available.

  • The transparency of the market. Every property’s soil types and productivity rating is available online. This allows for a straightforward verification of a property’s potential, and to compare it with others.

Uruguay offers three main options for farmland investors:


Row crops, especially soybeans and wheat, and to a lesser extent corn, barley and sorghum are the main crops being planted in Uruguay’s agricultural heartland. The country’s soil quality, climate, and infrastructure have placed it as a global player and today the country is the 6th global exporter of soybeans, 5th in dairy products, and 4th in rice.

Cattle breeding

Uruguay breeds mainly Hereford and Angus cattle, 90% of it on natural pastures, and the use of antibiotics and growth hormones is prohibited. It is the only country in the world with 100% traceability of its cattle herd, from birth to slaughter. The country has a high sanitary status, which grants it access to the top global markets (Uruguay's beef exports, which account for 5% of global sales, reach over 150 countries).

Forestry / Timber

Uruguay’s pulp and timber industries are well developed. The country has the world’s fastest rate of growth of eucaliptus. Finland’s UPM and Sweden’s Stora Enso installed the world’s two largest and cleanest pulp mills in western Uruguay, with UPM currently building a third one. Uruguay is set to become the second global exporter of short-fiber pulp. In addition, the country enjoys the highest sustainability FSC certification in the world: over 80% of its forests are certified.


Doing business in Uruguay is easy and so is investing in farmland.

To get started, simply let us know your preferences in:

  • 1Type of farm: agricultural, cattle, forestry, mixed or other.
  • 2Geographical region, if you prefer any specific location.
  • 3Size of farm that you seek, or amount you wish to invest.

We’ll immediately provide options of available farms that meet your parameters, with complete soil maps, location and pictures. This will allow you to analyze and compare properties, and to prepare for a visit to the shortlist of preferred options. A thorough tour of each farm, with a technical expert, will provide you with the knowledge to make an investment decision.


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